10 Car Facts You Didn't Know...We Hope

Steve Jobs never had a license plate.

Steve Jobs took advantage of a law in California that allowed him to own a car without needing a license plate. Jobs purchased a new car every six months, and by doing so he wasn't legally required to get a plate. The man was all around brilliant.


Your car will be ready in 42 seconds.

In 1985, a mechanic removed and replaced a car engine in 42 seconds, making it the fastest service repair ever recorded. To this day, no one has beat that time.


A Ferrari a Day Keeps Production at Bay.

At most, Ferrari produces only 14 cars a day. Maybe it's because Ferrari employees assemble drivetrains, seats, dashboards, convertible tops, and other sub-assemblies by hand.


To compare: Ford has a production rate of 8,000-10,000 cars a day.

Using your Head.

Did you walk away without locking your car? Chances are you tried locking the car remotely from where you stopped but oftentimes it's just too far away to reach your car. Try using your head. By holding your keyless remote closer to your head, the skull acts as an amplifier and increases your range. Watch Jeremy from Top Gear prove it!

Please Recycle.

The automobile is the most recycled product in the world.


Wash Me!

16% of people never wash their car.


Finishing Touches.

It takes about 25 hours to build a car. 10 of those 25 hours are spent on the paint job alone. Maybe if those 16% who never wash their cars knew that they might give their car a wash!


This one might have taken a little longer...

Never Speeding Again.

In Sweden, the amount of a traffic fine is based on an individual's salary. So how much do you think the man who got a $1,000,000 speeding ticket made? He was clocked doing 180 mph and received the largest speeding ticket ever issued.


The Ultimate Party Bus.

Well it's not really a bus, it's a limousine. This luxury ride is the heaviest limo, weighing over 50,000 pounds, houses up to 40 passengers, and contains three lounges and a bar. You don't even need to go anywhere with all that fun inside!


Um I think I'll Walk.

The most expensive place in the world to park your car is London, costing nearly $70 a day. Save money and burn some calories.








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