The History of Ken Garff

Our Proud History

Ken Garff was founded over 85 years and has been a hallmark dealership since its inception. In 1932 in downtown Salt Lake, Mr. Garff made the transition from working at a Shell service station selling cars on the side to starting his own business.
Ken Garff, the man, believed in the power of relationships. Customers and co-
workers alike respected his ability to build people. Mr. Garff understood that a business is only as good as the people who work there and the connections they make with customers and each other. That legacy lives on today.        

Our Future

Our storied past leads us to a future that exists only with progress. Like running water, a progressing company never becomes stagnant. Customers and employees alike have spoken loud and clear: we're in an industry due for change.
We believe that to create lifetime customers, we need to treat everyone right. We have management who supports employees. We have employees who support one another. We have salespeople and service advisers who hear customers' needs and react accordingly. We have entire dealerships engaged to create memorable, pleasant, repeatable experiences. 
We're committed. In dealership meetings and executive board rooms, the goal is the same: become the most esteemed automotive group. We're rolling out initiatives to shorten the experience and improve transparency for customers. We're following the voice of our employees to update benefits and communication channels. 
All of this leads to a future as storied as our past.

Our Evolving Story

We've listened, and will continue to listen, to the voice of the customer and the employee to build a new vision. This is not a flash-in-the-pan event or a momentary change. We're committed to long-term, strategic improvement that leads to a better experience for customers and employees. All levels of employees - from parts to service, from executive to new employee, from white to blue collar are needed to succeed. 
Our story isn't new, it's evolving, it's changing and growing. Our commitment to create lifetime customers hasn't changed. The importance of listening hasn't changed. But we're learning. We have increased organizational capabilities, we expect and have received more of leaders, and we know what success looks like. 
Our Past and Future Commitment

Mr. Garff was known as a man committed to people. At Ken Garff dealerships, we believe the same. We promise to treat people right, those buying or servicing with us, our remarkable employees, and our investors, manufacturers, and other partners.