Brian Brower | Treating People RIGHT

April 8th, 2020 by

Last week, looking for a respirator test kit for her health care company, Jackie accidentally dialed a wrong number by one digit. Thankfully Brian Brower, the Body Shop Manager at Ken Garff American Fork answered the phone. Rather than telling her she had reached a wrong number, Brian did what he does best: he saw a need and filled it. Luckily, he knew exactly what she was talking about; his technicians, welders, and painters have to have their N95 respirators tested yearly.

Brian called his contacts, but they were automotive specific and didn’t have medical background. Rather than giving up, he found a YouTube tutorial to show Jackie how to properly run the tests.

Instead of calling that good enough, Brian went on the hunt for a N95 test kit by calling local paint suppliers and was able to find one in the Salt Lake Valley. He immediately sent one of his employees to get it and Jackie was able to pick it up that afternoon. Rather than charging her the $450 retail value or the $240 company price, Brian and GM Chris Franks decided to donate the cost and give it to her free.

“In the midst of this crisis, my heart is full,” Jackie recounted the story in a Facebook post. “I am grateful there are people willing to give in a time they too are struggling. It means the world to me!! Thank you Thank you Brian and Ken Garff Body and Glass of American Fork.”

What good news! Thank you Brian for treating people RIGHT!




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