Jazz Fan Wins New Car from Ken Garff

January 19th, 2024 by

Celebrations are in full swing at Ken Garff Automotive Group as they announce that Boston Fabrizio has won a new car at its inaugural “Threes for Keys” contest held during tonight’s Utah Jazz game.

Boston, a passionate fan and avid supporter of the Utah Jazz, demonstrated skill and precision by successfully completing three 3-point shots from designated locations marked by the Ken Garff logo around the 3-point line. His skill on the court has not only won him adulation and applause but also a brand-new car, courtesy of Ken Garff Automotive Group.

“The ‘Threes for Keys’ contest is about more than just winning prizes, it’s about celebrating victories both big and small,” said Brett Hopkins, CEO of Ken Garff Automotive Group. Boston’s win is a testament to his determination and sportsmanship.”

The contest was designed to be a thrilling challenge. The contestant needed to make three 3-point shots from designated locations. Each successful shot increased the stakes and the rewards. Fabrizio seized the opportunity, making the three-point first shot to win $100, then the second for $500, and finally the third, earning him the grand prize—a new car.

“Boston’s performance was nothing short of spectacular,” said Matt Jensen, VP of Marketing at Ken Garff. “His success serves as a wonderful reminder of what someone can achieve with focus and purpose.”

The “Threes for Keys” contest will continue in upcoming Utah Jazz games through April.

For more information on the “Threes for Keys” contest and how you can participate, visit kengarff.com.


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