Orem Dealerships – Food & Care Coalition

May 19th, 2022 by

Our Orem dealership teams gathered and assembled necessity kits for Food & Care Coalition for their latest We’re Hear For You project! The teams first filled kits with home basics like dishes and cleaning supplies.

The next step of our Orem teams’ We’re Hear For You project was delivering the kits they assembled to the Food & Care Coalition, where the F&CC is building 72 transitional apartments for homeless individuals to live in. Thanks to these kits, there will be necessities all ready to go when the new tenants move into their apartments!

Our Orem employees were also able to tour and walk through the facility and learn about all of the incredible work the the Food & Care Coalition does. We appreciate their inspiring drive to meet people where they’re at and focus on compassion and accountability in our community! #WH4Y

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