Project Listen

Listening has the potential to transform how we see the world. It drives us to understand, to feel, to relate.

This is the miraculous power of listening: it strengthens relationships; it builds communities; it empowers the future.

Project Listen investigates stories of connection. It celebrates the people who discover the true potential of listening—those who learn to listen not just with their ears, but even with their eyes, their mind, and their whole soul.

Listening is more than what we do—it is central to who we are.


Ken Garff knew the importance of listening to customers when he started his automotive business over 80 years ago.

Listening and connecting to our employees and customers still guides us today. In our professional and personal lives, learning to truly listen can transform the way we interact with those around.

We do our best to follow Ken’s example, so that with every customer and every interaction we can say: We Hear You.

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