Put Your Phone Down Challenge

July 10th, 2019 by

This month, Ken Garff is partnering with Twin Tested in support of their “Put Your Phone Down Challenge”! Distracted driving can not only be deadly, but it is also against the law—in Utah, for example, it is against the law to be touching your cell phone while driving. We’re proud to help bring awareness and do our part to promote safe driving and to come closer to the Utah Department of Transportation’s Zero Fatalities initiative. Here are some tips that will make it easy to stay off your phone while you’re driving:


  • Put your phone in your bag and keep your phone in your car backseat during your drive.
  • If you absolutely need to use your phone, pull over.
  • Don’t change your playlist or podcast on your phone.
  • If you frequently need to use a navigation app on your phone, purchase a phone mount for your dashboard that won’t require you to hold the phone. You can find these for $10-$20, so it’s definitely worth it!
  • If you are driving a short distance, consider putting your phone in Airplane Mode so you aren’t distracted by calls or texts that you can answer once you reach your destination.


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