Robert Garff Video Tribute Submission

Thank you

Thank you for taking a few minutes to record a short video about Robert. If you have questions at any point, if you just want to email your information, etc., please contact Dana Geddes at 801-635-0432 or [email protected].

If it’s easier for you to record audio and provide a picture instead, please contact Dana and she’ll walk you through that as well.


If you have a Google account, please click the button below and follow the directions there – this will be the easiest way to share your video.

Submit Video

If you don’t, please follow the directions below and send your video to Dana Geddes at [email protected].


A few video tips

  1. You can shoot your video on your computer, on a phone, or however is easiest for you. Any file type is great.
  2. Please shoot your horizontally (landscape) so that you fill the frame
  3. For better lighting, face towards a window or open lighting
  4. Please stay close to the camera or computer you’re using to film – it will help both the video and audio quality


Questions to Answer

Please keep your video short – with so many great contributors, we won’t be able to use long videos from everyone. Try answering, all in one video:

1- Describe Bob in ONE word. What one word comes to mind when you think of Bob? (~5 seconds)

2- How are you better for knowing Bob? (10-30 seconds)

3- What is a meaningful memory you have of Bob? (1 minute)

4- Say goodbye in your own way – “I’ll miss you, Mr. Garff,” “Love You, Robert”


Your video may look like this for example:

When you’re done:

If you have a google account, please go to the form here. If not, please email Dana at [email protected] or call her at 801-635-0432 and she can work with you to access your file.