Salt Lake Import Stores – Liberty Elementary School

May 19th, 2022 by

Our Salt Lake imports group did a two-part project with Liberty Elementary School in Salt Lake for their latest We’re Hear For You project! First, employees assembled over 300 Spring Break bags for all of the kids at the school (including snacks, games, Fat Cats gift cards, fidget toys, and more).

Next, over 45 of our Salt Lake import dealership employees went to the school and gave the teachers and staff a much-needed break. While our employees held down the fort in the classrooms, cafeteria, front office, and recess, the teachers and staff were treated to Cafe Rio for lunch, cookies from Schmidt’s Bakery, and goody bags with a $100 gift card. We also hosted a raffle for the teachers and staff, giving away staycations, spa packages, car detailing packages, a tv, and more.

Our employees were so excited for the opportunity to show their appreciation for our community’s teachers who work so, so hard and do an amazing job! #WH4Y

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