Window Etching

May 31st, 2016 by

window etching

How does etching deter a thief?

How would you like to make your car less attractive to potential thieves and get your money back in case it gets stolen? Autoshield’s window etching is one of the least understood dealership options for car buyers, but this anti-theft measure can protect your new car from being targeted and help you if something actually does happen to it.

Simply put, every window on the vehicle gets etched with a unique number that is individually registered to your vehicle’s VIN. This is a deterrent to would-be thieves because they would have to replace each window in order to prevent the vehicle from being tracked by the police. As many drivers know, buying new windows for your car can get quite expensive, so having to deal with replacing etched windows can make thieves think twice about stealing a vehicle.

Beyond serving as a deterrent against car thieves, etch also works as an insurance in case a car is stolen. If someone steals your car and it is declared a total loss, you receive a $3,000 cash benefit to help cover for any taxes, fees, and depreciation that your regular auto insurance doesn’t cover. You also receive $2,000 toward the down payment of a replacement vehicle when you shop at any Kornerstone dealership. Some insurance companies even offer a discount for having etch because it is considered an anti-theft deterrent.