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At Ken Garff we know that our success wouldn’t be possible without our community. That’s why we do all we can to give back.

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Listening Beyond the Dealership

Listening is behind everything we do at Ken Garff. And when we say “We Hear You,” we’re not just talking to the customers that come into our dealerships, we’re talking to our entire community. Giving back has been an integral part of this company, which is why we created the We’re Hear for You program.

In the spring of 2020, we realized that there was a huge opportunity for us to do even more. Many local businesses, families, and other organizations needed support to get through those uncertain times. Our dealerships and our corporate office got to work, purchasing items from those businesses and donating them to families, teachers, first responders, and more. But this was just the beginning of the We’re Hear for You program. Since then, we’ve kept the momentum going, working on multiple projects at a time, whether it’s revitalizing a community center, providing meals and household items for local families in need, buying supplies for teachers, and much more.

Our Projects

We’ve been busy helping people and organizations across the country. Here are a few of our recent projects.

People building birdhouses

Ken Garff Downtown Imports - Field Day - WH4Y

For their latest We’re Hear For You project, our Salt Lake Imports dealership teams threw a field day for students at the @nhutah! The Ken Garff employees helped students play on bounce houses, with water balloons, crafts and finish off with snow cones and cotton candy. The kids also made and painted bird feeders while teachers took a break and played in the water. The Neighborhood House has offered childcare for low income families in the Salt Lake Valley for over 100 years! We’re so grateful for this fun way to thank them for all of the great work they do for our community.

Employees at Trail Cleanup project

Ken Garff Riverdale - Trail Clean Up - WH4Y

The Riverdale stores teamed up with Pliking Inc., which is an organization that organizes hiking while picking up litter events. This was the first time that Pliking invited unhoused individuals to participate in one of their events. Ken Garff employees worked alongside these individuals and the Pliking group to pick up litter along the trail behind the Nissan dealership. At the end everyone sat down for well deserved Lucky Slice and ice cream. Ken Garff gifted each unhoused individual gift card to make sure their needs were met, as well as made a donation to The Lantern House and Pliking. Some of the individuals were so grateful they were moved to tears.

Disabled Man Pets Horse

WH4Y - Ken Garff Lehi - Live Empowered

Our Lehi dealerships sponsored a day at Courage Reins for 30 Live Empowered Utah adults with disabilities for their latest We’re Hear For You project! Courage Reins is an equine therapy non-profit supporting dozens of horses and even more people in need.

The Live Empowered clients were each paired up with a Ken Garff employee and got to groom horses, do ground work, and get their photo taken for a craft. Finally they were able to watch a massive draft horse do work in an arena and the Courage Reins director ride! At the end everyone had lunch and snow cones. It was an awesome and rewarding experience!

Employee holding cooler full of water balloons.

Ken Garff Orem Community Outreach Pool Party

Our Orem dealerships partnered with Splash Summit Water Park to throw a pool party for families involved with local community outreach programs. The families enjoyed water slides and swimming, pizza and popsicles, and fun activities like a cake walk, hula hooping contest, and water balloon toss!

Thank you so much to Splash Summit and the amazing organizations Utah Valley Drug Prevention Coalition, Addict to Athlete, Care About Childcare, Family Haven, and Encircle for throwing this amazing pool party with us!

Employees pose for a picture at The INN Between

Ken Garff Downtown Luxury - The INN Between

Our downtown luxury dealerships were hard at work for their next We’re Hear For You project giving the patio at The INN Between a makeover! Our employees power washed and cleaned the entire patio area before setting up brand new furniture–plus new pots and flowers. Afterwards, the team was able to enjoy the new patio with a lunch catered by Apple Spice Cafe for the INN Between clients.

The INN Between gives hospice care to unhoused individuals who need medical care and/or comfort and companionship, and we were so grateful to say thank you in a small way for the important, thoughtful work they provide for our community.

Downtown Luxury Dealerships - Salt Lake Rescue Mission Women's Center

Our female employees from the downtown block dealerships decided to give back to the Salt Lake Rescue Mission women’s center.

Salt Lake Rescue Mission Women’s Center- New Life Program-
A safe place where women and women with children can find safety from abusive relationships, counseling for addiction, and the love of Jesus. The Women’s Center is home to our New Life Program for women and also provides homeless and low-income women access to emergency shelter, food, clothing, job placement, and more.

Our female employees from our luxury dealerships will be treating the women enrolled in the new life program to a little pampering. We’ll be shopping for needed clothes, makeup, and shoes to help them prepare for job interviews, and getting their feet under them. After that, we’ll be having lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley square. Lastly, we’ll finish up our “girls day” with some hair and makeup at Mid-City-Salon, where these women will be pampered with a private event. (Also in Trolley Square)

When we approached the Salt Lake City Rescue Mission and the Women’s Center we tried to explore a meaningful project that would be impactful for the women who are committing to changing their lives and we discussed how sometimes the women feel less than or shame, and so we came up with this idea to treat them as any other woman who wants a “girls day” with their friends. We’re hoping by spending the day with them, we all can have empathy and understanding and befriend them. We want them to feel loved and valued, and we hope in some small way this day will help them to stay on the path and program to better their life. Our employees are looking forward to interacting and befriending these women in the program. It will be mutually beneficial for both parties. #WH4Y

Two women hugging

Ken Garff Headquarters - Utah Refugee Connection

There are countless ways to show appreciation for mothers on Mother’s Day. For the second year in a row, Utah employees gathered to support refugee mothers in their community. This special Mother’s Day event, partnered with the Utah Refugee Connection, provided refugee mothers gifts of appreciation to help them feel welcomed and loved in Utah. At the drive-through event, employees and their families passed out potted plants to mothers. Roots, a local high school, helped prepare for the event and planted individual flowers to pass out. At the end of the event, many plants were left, so employees started loading plants into trunks of cars as mothers smiled and talked about the gardens they could create with their plants. The community came together to support and show their love for mothers everywhere!

KG Employees on swingset

St. George Ford Lincoln - The Dove Center

St. George Ford employees helped their community welcome summer with a two-part project. They replaced an old metal jungle gym with a new Lifetime Summer approved jungle gym. A team of seven employees spent the morning assembling the playground (and no reports of broken bones or significant injuries mean success)! Families in the community already love the new playset. Employees also removed the old carpet from two apartments and laid down LVP flooring, making it easier to clean and maintain. They laid down a subfloor to provide a level workspace and strengthen the current floor. They finished the rooms off with a durable rubber baseboard and a fresh coat of paint, and the apartments look brand new! Employees spent 4 days finishing this project and helping families feel more at home.

KG employee with boxes of kitchen supply

Orem Dealerships - Food & Care Coalition

Our Orem dealership teams gathered and assembled necessity kits for Food & Care Coalition for their latest We’re Hear For You project! The teams first filled kits with home basics like dishes and cleaning supplies.

The next step of our Orem teams’ We’re Hear For You project was delivering the kits they assembled to the Food & Care Coalition, where the F&CC is building 72 transitional apartments for homeless individuals to live in. Thanks to these kits, there will be necessities all ready to go when the new tenants move into their apartments!

Our Orem employees were also able to tour and walk through the facility and learn about all of the incredible work the the Food & Care Coalition does. We appreciate their inspiring drive to meet people where they’re at and focus on compassion and accountability in our community! #WH4Y

KG employee talking to a child

Salt Lake Import Stores - Liberty Elementary School

Our Salt Lake imports group did a two-part project with Liberty Elementary School in Salt Lake for their latest We’re Hear For You project! First, employees assembled over 300 Spring Break bags for all of the kids at the school (including snacks, games, Fat Cats gift cards, fidget toys, and more).

Next, over 45 of our Salt Lake import dealership employees went to the school and gave the teachers and staff a much-needed break. While our employees held down the fort in the classrooms, cafeteria, front office, and recess, the teachers and staff were treated to Cafe Rio for lunch, cookies from Schmidt’s Bakery, and goody bags with a $100 gift card. We also hosted a raffle for the teachers and staff, giving away staycations, spa packages, car detailing packages, a tv, and more.

Our employees were so excited for the opportunity to show their appreciation for our community’s teachers who work so, so hard and do an amazing job! #WH4Y




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